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We’re all just sleep-deprived people who need to be turned into beautiful and polished superwomen in the morning! How is it even possible? Makeup? No! Good and clean makeup! Cakey makeup will actually make it worse and would definitely make anybody look like a sleep-deprived zombie. Here are some tips to help you avoid that cakey foundation look:
Please moisturize
Moisturizing is one important step to make sure that you don’t end up with an evident makeup look while keeping the skin healthy as well. Research has shown that every time women cleanse their faces, they lose huge parts of natural oils which can only be earned back with a good moisturizer. Moisturizer will always keep the skin supple, healthy, and youthful!
Do not miss primer
Often people, especially the beginners with makeup miss the important step of primer which is bound to make the foundation look cakey in the end. Primer holds your makeup for the whole day and prevents it from sliding around.
Choose the right foundation for your skin.
In the end, it always comes down to choosing the right product for your skin and complexion. If you have oily skin, go for an oil-free foundation while creamy foundation would be best if you have dry skin. If you, in fact, have combination skin, always choose the liquid formula that never proves wrong for any skin type.
Let’s not go lighter or darker with the foundation.
Foundation’s shade is the most important factor while avoiding the cakey makeup look. If you’ve applied a foundation lighter than your skin, you can’t help but show everybody that you’ve used tons of makeup. Similarly, the darker tone will look odd, and it’ll make the skin look dull as well. Pick a foundation that actually disappears and is not evident on your skin at all.
Are you choosing the brush randomly?
It’s a general mistake when it comes to picking out the foundation application tool. If somebody with acne is using a flatter brush, that’ll work for them but definitely not for somebody with softer skin. If you wish to avoid the confusion of brushes and sponges, always go for the fingertips! They’re the best tool when it comes to applying foundation in the right way.
Don’t overload the foundation.
Applying an extra foundation won’t make you look any better but would actually work in a different way. If you want a natural look with your foundation, remember that the less is more!
Don’t stop; blend!
Yes, blending is an unspoken functionality of any makeup that one needs to carry. If you blend well, you’ve got your makeup, right! If not, the makeup will not just be evident but will also come off very soon.
Set it up
Haven’t bought any translucent powder yet? Hurry and do it right away. Unless you set your foundation in a proper way, the foundation would never look as you desire it to be. It will definitely leave a cakey look if left undone.

These were some general tips that every makeup academy in Gurgaon gives away to their newbies too. Remember these, and you’re good to go out with a perfect foundation look!