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You ever thought how every makeup artist in Delhi is giving you that sizzling smokey eye look, while you look like a panda if you try it on yourself? What’s the trick? Is it the excellent makeup only or something else that helps you achieve the look? People like you have been confused about the same question ever since, and that might be the reason why multiple people have asked it about 30 million times.

You’d agree that there might never be a good enough time than this quarantine period that we’re living in than to experiment with different smokey eye looks and gain experience with practice!

smokey eye

Here is a guide to help you with the same:

Things you should know before giving it a try to a Smokey Eye

● Remember that the eye should be the focus of attention here. If you succeed in making your eyes look prettier, there’s nothing better than that. So, always try to keep the darker shades towards the lash line. It gives a modern look and provides a clean finish as well.

● Don’t use more than three shadows or you might end up getting the attention to your makeup than the eye. To give it a vibrant look, you may add a liner rather than adding more eye shadows.

● Blend, blend, and blend! Yes, it’s the most obvious yet missed the part about smokey eyes. You won’t get that sultry look if you don’t blend that shadow and liner properly.

Steps to create a perfect smokey eye :

● The Base
You always begin with the mid-tone shadows, and you’ll have the perfect base for your smokey eye look. Browns, greys, are generally the appropriate picks for the base.

● Apply the liner
Now, put up the liner along your lash line and make sure that you’re coating the liner-colour among the lashes that will help you pop the eye instantly. Gel eyeliner is always the go-to option for smokey eyes.

● Layer it up
It’s time to now layer the liner with a darker tone eyeshadow like espresso or charcoal. Do it while blending your way up the lid and also into the lid eyeshadow. Softly press the brush on the root of the lower lash and smudge it out with the finger afterward to get the smokey finish.

● Apply the mascara and sparkle it up
For the final touch, add the sparkle eyeshadow with your finger to give the blend through the eye crease. Lastly, apply 2-3 coats of mascara, and you’ll be ready to go with your smokey eye look.

Always remember that there’s a different process for every other smokey eye look. Though above is the step by step guide, to begin with, and then as you all know. Practice Makes Perfect.