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“Elegance comes from being as beautiful inside as outside.”

  • Coco Chanel

Makeup has become an integral part of our lives. But hard times are prevailing for the beauty workers. the current scenario says something else. The outbreak of novel coronavirus has impacted the beauty industry. Earlier, in 2018, the beauty and wellness industries were booming and growing tremendously. It touched Rs 80,370 crores during that year. And after two years, as the world has been hit by a global pandemic, everything seems to be changing. Makeup courses are also affected. Nobody can reach their destination and learn. The retailers and beauty workers are struggling to keep up the pace in their businesses.

According to Poshly, CEO Doreen Bloch, the temporary closure of salons has put the beauty service workers and makeup artists in the most difficult situation. Not only small salons but the branded ones like Sephora have also been temporarily closed.

Lasting Impacts Coronavirus Could Have

No work, no money.

Everybody is assuming that the pandemic will leave taking away billions of dollars of each industry. Freelancers and small business owners cannot do their craft at the moment due to the insane crisis. Professionals also fear that after the lockdown gets over, there might not be the same number of customers visiting salons. They might restrict themselves from getting makeup courses and services. Not only the beauty and makeup industry, but all the business and other sectors have been shaken by a coronavirus.

Difficult Time Even For Beauty Retailers

Professionals from all industries are doing their best to handle the impact of coronavirus. They also have been doing their bit to save their employees and customers from the deadly infection. Some of them have adopted the trend; offering sales and free shipping of products. Retailers fall into the category of the industries that are going to be less hit. It is because they can easily shift to the online model.

Changed Behavior And Insights of The Customers

Quarantines and social distancing have been changing the minds of the customers. People have now become extra cautious about hygiene while availing any sort of services especially salons.

Most of the beauty parlors and salons would be echoing with “Is that the most hygiene and cleanest space where you would be doing my makeup?” If they don’t say it out, this would be the first thing that strikes their mind when thinking about visiting for a hair cut or skin exploitation sitting.

How To Be Prepared For Post Lockdown

The lifestyle industry chalks out the safety plans for life after coronavirus. There are four key fields of action that will help you in successfully rebounding.

  1. Boost Your Digital Presence: The transformation to the digital world has been accelerated by the crisis. Now brands and manufacturers should shift to online mode for better customer interaction. Take digital actions, increase purchase convenience and explore new technologies.
  2. Focus On Improved Supply Chain: Creating cross-functional teams and developing joint action plans will maintain old relationships and build new ones.
  3. Build Brand Presence: No aggressive promotions. Make sure you build marketing plans for your brand as per the new life habits of the customers. PR, social media activities will help you.
  4. New Ways of Product Offering: Check your range of customers and analyze the competitive landscape. It will help you get an idea of the customer expectations and work accordingly.

We consider all these things at Misha Vig, the best makeup artist in Gurgaon. Here, we are also understanding the needs and demands and upgrading with time. Hygiene and safety are our forte. We are all prepared to again start with a bang after the coronavirus lockdown gets over.

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